Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement for Academy players ONLY

Free lane use is a walk in service

It is important that all players follow these rules strictly -

Free lane usage is for players to get extra practice.Free lane practice is only if lanes are available outside of any bookings.If a lane gets booked after you start your practice, you will be notified and you must promptly empty the lane. Our bookings start every 30 min.Parents can accompany a player to give them throwdowns.If there are more players of the same group, parents, pls allow players to pair up and practice themselves. They have to learn this. This gives both or multiple players a chance. Other players may not be able to say anything to an adult and they will keep waiting. I have seen this. So parents, pls step out of the lanes and sit on our comfortable chairs.We do not provide any equipment for extra practice. please bring your bucket of balls, etc. Yes, you can use the flat cones for spot bowling.You CANNOT use bowling machine balls for personal practice.If you use any equipment like cones, you are responsible for cleaning it up. If you see someone else leaving the space without cleaning up, please remind them nicely.There is NO playing outside the nets, not even with a tennis ball.If there are more players, split the lane, use L screens and share the lane.All parents want their child to get the most practice and may not realize there are other kids waiting, so let's be cognizant of that.Additional practice is for academy players only, pls do not bring any other player from outside to get your practice in. You will be billed for that lane usage.If you are coming during late hours and practicing, pls adhere to closing times. When we do not have additional booking, we sometimes close a little early. Front desk will give you an ETA of closing time. Please DO NOT delay them further, start wrapping up 5 min early.If you really need a lane during busy hours, book a lane online. You will be receive 20% lane rental discount that can be split amongst multiple players.Please do not call the facility or me to ask for free lane availability. A lot of kids now call me directly and I feel bad but I will not be able to provide that info. This is a walk in service

We are able to provide this because it is our facility and we would want our academy players to get the most practice. Let us not misuse it and get to a point where we may have to take it away from all.

Misc ItemsWater Gatorade Energy Bar

Most kids will grab a water / gatorade / energy bar from the front and we keep a tally of the cost over a few months. When it adds to a substantial amount, we will bill your card on file. If you wish your child not get anything, please let them know. We DO NOT say no when they ask for these items.

We are just about a month from EYCL kick off and a great 2022 season. Let us make it a successful one.