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Forma Helmet Pro Axis MST - Mild Stainless Steel

Forma Helmet Pro Axis MST - Mild Stainless Steel

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FoWe offer Forma Pro Axis Helmet that is loaded with a variety of safety features. Its chin strap makes sure that the helmet is positioned perfectly. The strap act as a modifiable harness which provides a comfortable and secure fit to your head. To ensure such comfort fit, we also offer our helmet designs in different head sizes. The offered helmets are laced with best in class detachable liners that covers the head properly. Further, the Forma Pro Axis Helmet includes replaceable ear and shell padding that secures it. The helmet has an attractive visor which enhances the protection and comfort level for the users. It also acts as a shield that protect your eyes from sunlight and rain. Our helmet comes with a robust grill which protects your face from hard impacts.

Product Specifications:

Fabric Covered Shell
Multiple Vents for Easy Air Flow
Engineering Plastic Outer Shell for Optimum Protection
High Density EPS Inner Shell for Impact Absorbtion
Shock Absorbtion Technology to Reduce Impact on the Grill
Foamed back Liner for Comfort
Longer Shape for full Head Coverage
Size Adjustment Strap (SRS)
Grill Designed for EAR Protection
Non Toxic Straps with Length Adjustment Buckles
Comfortable Chin Support
Optimum Gap Between Peak and Grill Ensuring Safety
Full Face Protection

Available in Size:
Small (54-56cms)
Medium (56-58cms)
Large - XL (59-62cms)

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